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Engagement session season has begun and I am so excited for it! I cannot wait to have a few hours to get to know my clients a bit better and capture some beautiful + romantic images of them.

Engagement sessions are an absolutely incredible way to spend some time connecting with your soon-to-be spouse, and to get to know your photographer. I always book my engagement sessions for a few hours before sunset so that we have time to do photos in a few locations, have an outfit change, and get those dreamy golden hour images. And once we have the date and location narrowed down, is when I begin to get lots of questions about what outfits work best for a session.

I have a few tips that I like to share with my clients.

Here are my TOP TEN TIPS for a great engagement session!

1. Co-ordinate your outfits so that you compliment each other, but don’t be too matching.

2. I suggest two outfits. One that is relaxed + casual, and another that is more formal + dressy.

3. Make sure you are equal in how formal you are dressed and that it suits the location.

4. Choose from a light + airy colour palette. Soft whites, creams, pastels and earthtones look great in photos and are super romantic.

5. Add layers! A scarf, jewellery, kimono, sunhat, floral head crown, these are all little things that can show off your personal style and give you something to play with during your photoshoot.

6. Your hands and feet will be photographed! Shoes and nailpolish are little details, but they are important too.

7. I always suggest to get hair and make-up done. A soft, every day look is best for engagement images, and wearing your hair down, or loose around your face is best.

8. Consider a dress that is long and flowy for super romantic images. A flowing dress, sunset and the wind… ahhhhh.

9. Big patterns are always best. Large flowers, big print plaid, and large stripes photograph well. Small patterns can cause something called Chromatic Abberation in your images.

10. Final tip… and probably the most importnat one. Dress for your body type! We all have little things we love about ourselves and things we don’t. If you love your legs, show them off! If you are self-conscious of your upper arms, a strapless dress probably won’t give you the images you are dreaming of. If you feel good, you will look good!

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A few weeks ago my daughter, Aubrey, asked if we could paint her bedroom. And, since she is basically my mini-me, she wanted the entire room painted white, with all white furniture, white bedding, white pillows, WHITE!

If you know me, you know my favourite blogger is Jillian Harris and that my favourite social media app is Pinterest… so I take full responsibility for my 12 year old wanting to redecorate a bedroom in white.

We painted the room, and I love it. Not only is Aubrey super happy with it, but now I have a room that I can photograph little adorable babies in!

Little Paige was my first “Sitter Session” in the new room. The session was so fun, and I love the images we captured. It’s such a fun age. If you have a baby who is just learning to sit up, or has been sitting up for a while but not crawling yet, give me a shout so we can set up a time to capture a few priceless memories of this stage!


Outdoor Family sessions are so important to me. I love to capture beautiful moments between parents and their children, especially truly authentic moments.

Laughter, games, and lots and lots of snuggles mixed in with incredible moments of joy and connectivity are what make me happy.

As much as I love to watch a family take an hour out of their crazy busy life and enjoy connecting, it’s also my job and my passion to make sure the images we create together are beautiful. Once we’ve selected the location and time of day (it’ll be golden hour, of course!!) one of the most important things my clients can do to help the session be everything they’ve been imagining, is to really plan out the wardrobe for the day.

I’m now in my 9th year of being a professional photographer, and I have definitely learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to styling your family session. So here we go, I am going to break it down for you!

1. Don’t be too matching. I know it seems like a good idea, but it doesn’t translate well into artistic portraiture.

2. Clothing with big logos or television characters, sports teams, etc. distract from the image and don’t let your true personality shine.

3. Dressy casual is the way to go. Baseball hats and sweatpants are fun, but this is your moment to feel confident and fancy!

4. But not too fancy! Business or evening wear can be too formal, restrictive and stiff. We are going to be walking, running, playing, sitting on blankets in fields and having fun.

5. Dress for your body. It can be distracting and get in the way of you fully enjoying the moments with your family if you feel like your shirt is too tight, or pants keep falling down. Wear clothes that you feel confident and beautiful in. And for the kids, clothes that they aren’t going to be uncomfortable in is so important. we want the children to feel like themselves.

6. Your colour scheme should be light, airy, neutral and any pops of colour can be brought in with accessories. Skin tones photograph best with clothing in earth tones and pastels.

7. Hair and make-up should be a priority! We always recommend loose hair (no tight ponytails) and having a professional make-up artist help you achieve a glowing, natural look.

8. Plan your wardrobe. I can’t express the importance of this enough! Plan your family’s wardrobe in advance. Look on Pinterest for inspiration, and discuss your outfit choices with me!!

Here is a little inspiration board for spring/summer 2018!


Clothing above is from my favourite shops – for kids I absolutely love everything Zara has to offer, and their price point is phenomenal!

Men can’t go wrong with Banana Republic, the fit, quality and style is also super.

And for the ladies, my favourite is Aritzia for anything flowy, flattering and feminine. And also Banana Republic for timeless pieces.

This in home session was so wonderful. Baby Nathan was three months old when we did the photos, and my goodness was he adorable. And such a big boy!


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