As I sit at my desk today (my first day back to work since the new year) I realize just how behind I am in blogging.

So many fall sessions were surprises for grandparents for Christmas, so I was asked not to blog… and then I totally didn’t keep track of which ones they were and thought it safest to just wait and blog in the new year, lol! So get ready for a ton of posts in the next few days!

But the fun part is that I now get the chance to look back and smile at all the adorable faces I got photograph in the fall. It was a truly beautiful season. Not a lot of colour in the trees, but certainly lots of beautiful families and gorgeous sunsets.


If you have been putting off having family photos done with your whole family, then make this your year to get it done! There is nothing more special than spending some time together, having fun and having really great moments captured together.

My favourite sessions are ones when grandparents, parents and the children all get together. It is always tons of fun and filled with laughs and truly great moments.


We all woke up to one of the most beautiful days of the entire year. Warm breezes, the leaves just starting to change, and the clouds rolling out to showcase a gorgeous blue October sky.

Nicole and Paul were both so relaxed their entire day. From getting ready to walking down the aisle to having fun at the Cayuga Courthouse as we took a million photos! I have never heard a party bus quite that loud before!

It was a day full of joy and celebration, and I am so lucky to have been there to capture it.

There are soooooo many photos, so scroll through and check out a few of my favourites from Nicole and Paul’s wedding day.




Could the weather be any more amazing this fall!!? I met with the Currie Family at the park in Townsend one incredible evening and captured some great moments with them. These three girls have got mom and dad on their toes, lol! All with such different personalities too. It’s just too fun to watch them all interact!


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